Michael Brooks - Staff

Michael Brooks
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: May 2022

Michael Brooks lives in Port Orange with his wife and newborn daughter. After receiving his PPL in April of 2020 and instrument rating in March of 2021, COVID had drastically changed his career opportunities in Greenville, SC, so they moved to Florida in search of a more certain future. After joining a flying club and building flight hours, Michael came to Epic seeking highly professional and challenging training and earned his CPL, CFI, and CFII. Michael also applied for the Aviate program with United Airlines and was accepted as an Aviate participant in March of 2022 after earning his CFII.

Michael is ambitious and seeks to constantly improve himself. He strives to earn any and all possible airplane ratings/licenses including seaplane ratings for single and multi-engine aircraft as well as glider training and tailwheel endorsements. Michael also plans to retain his CFI and CFII ratings for the entirety of his career so he can always help spread the knowledge and love he has for aviation.

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