Mark Schiappa - Staff

Mark Schiappa
Position: Safety Council
Joined: October 2016

Mark Schiappa is the Safety Officer at Epic Flight Academy. Mark’s first degree was in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York. Later, when he fell in love with flying while working towards his private pilot certificate, he decided to go back to school and make aviation is profession.

Mark attended Dowling College where he earned his degree in Aeronautics. In 1997, Mark earned his CFI, CFII, and MEI ratings and was one of the original group of instructors who worked together with Danny Perna to form the flight school in 1999.

After flight instructing at Epic for 5 years, he moved away from central Florida, but always missed the school and the New Smyrna Beach area. In 2016, Danny asked him to consider returning to the academy to assist with the operation of the school. Mark was excited to have the opportunity to return to Epic and to New Smyrna Beach and jumped at the chance.

As a young flight instructor, he learned that he had a passion for teaching and that passion has never waned. He has been responsible for ensuring that all students working towards their private pilot license, progress through their training efficiently, and successfully. It gives him tremendous satisfaction to see our young, future airline pilots achieve their goals and take their place among the family that is the professional pilots of the world.

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