Judy Rice - Staff

Captain Judy Rice
Position: Ground School Instructor
Joined: February 2017

Captain Judith Rice, Epic Flight Academy Private Pilot Ground School Instructor, has had a life-long passion for aviation and aerospace technology. This interest and sixteen years in formal education eventually brought her into the field of aerospace education. She values the experience gained as a teacher in special education because it gave her a broad knowledge of the learning process.

Judy has visited more than 100 countries and all of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. In 2015, she successfully piloted a Citation Mustang around the world visiting over 10,000 students in 35 countries. She is an instrument rated, commercial, multi-engine, Citation type-rated pilot, advance ground instructor, certified flight instructor and logged over 4,000 hours in numerous aircraft. She is the owner of a Grumman Yankee airplane. Judy has numerous awards and accomplishments in her portfolio with most recent a world speed record.  She is a member of many aviation and space organizations. Other than flying, her favorite way to spend her time is to assist Epic Flight Academy students reach their goals. She also shares her aviation expertise in a series of aviation articles called Captain Judy’s Corner. She is proud to be part of the Epic family, and Epic is proud she is on Team Epic!

The FAA confirmed Captain Rice’s 100% pass rate for her ground school students taking the FAA Knowledge Test effective September 2019.

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