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Staff Gibran Eliopoulos

Gibran “Gibb” Eliopoulos

Shortly after high school, Gibb went directly into the job market to support his widowed mother. He spent most of his career life working for a beer distribution plant that involved lifting heavy kegs and packages. As time went on, he met his wife Su and made an early retirement with her in her country of Thailand. Su soon became pregnant and had Gibb deciding to go back into work to provide for his new family. He chose to have a career change that did not involve his previous heavy labor and would allow him to have plentiful time with his family. He began perusing a career path to work for Google and then was convinced by his good friend John, who is an A321 captain, to become a pilot. John has a wife and two very young children and proved to Gibb that a pilot’s personal life is the best someone can have.

Now Gibb is a fully involved pilot who is committed to teaching to, learning from, and prompting safety to other pilots. He did all of his training at Epic Flight Academy and is a motivated and happy member of the Epic family. His future goal is to join the airlines, but for now, his priority is to be the best instructor he can be and help others reach their goals first.

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