Dylan Lockwood - Staff

Dylan Lockwood
Position: Ground Support
Joined: May 2022

Dylan Lockwood is a member of the Line Department. He was born and raised in southern Maine and has had a unique time adjusting to the Florida lifestyle. An avid sportsman, Dylan enjoys hunting and fishing on his trips back to his home state, as well as largemouth bass fishing in his free time in Florida.

Dylan currently attends Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics while aiming to graduate in the fall of 2022. Aviation has always been something that Dylan enjoyed, and Epic seemed like the perfect place for him to attend flight training. After having spent some time around the flight school as a student, Dylan realized that he wanted to spend as much time there as possible due to the outstanding professional atmosphere that encompassed the campus. To achieve this, he now doubles as a student and flight line employee of Epic.

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