Dwaine Johnson - Staff

Dwaine Johnson
Dwaine Johnson is a member of the Line Department. He was born and raised in Daytona Beach and knows the area well. When he was eight years old, he went to an air show and a light turned on in his head. Dwaine knew he wanted to be around aircraft. His passion and love for the mystical art of flying and how aircraft worked grew from there. He even volunteered at the New Smyrna Beach Balloon and SkyFest events that were held at this airport. He joined the Florida Air National Guard in 2014 working as an Avionic Technician on fighter type aircraft and is still serving. He enjoys his job at Epic and loves what he does and the experiences he has gained.
Dwaine is currently attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and also working on his A&P Certificate while working at Epic. His end goal is to be able to build, fly, and fix aircraft.
With an already busy schedule, he still tries to make time for hobbies. He builds R/C aircraft, does some computer programming on micro controllers, play video games, drawing, and just tearing things apart to figure out how they work. Dwaine says Epic is a great company and he looks forward to working with everyone.

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