Donna Saltz - Staff

Donna Saltz
Position: Arrival Coordinator
Joined: January 2023

Donna has spent a majority of her career participating in various areas of aviation from being a crew member to an A&P recruiter. Donna started her career as a flight attendant with Braniff International, including being trained on the Concorde. After a few years and different endeavors, she decided to return to the aviation field as a flight attendant and has since retired from Southwest Airlines. Donna‘s background also includes general aviation and charter sales. She enjoys writing fun, informative aviation articles, such as those encompassing the cabin in-flight experience and participating in film projects involving aviation productions. To this day, Donna’s favorite inspirational novella, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which was written by a pilot, is her all-time favorite beach read as she enjoys watching the seagulls soar!

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