Andrea Stewart - Staff

Andrea Stewart
Position: Flight Instructor
Joined: May 2023

Andrea is originally from Missouri. She credits her love of aviation to her family. She has a flight attendant mom and an airline pilot dad. She also has three older sisters who graduated from the Air Force Academy, one of whom still flies the C-130. Another influence is Andrea’s grandfather, who owned his own aircraft salvage company for 50 years, operating out of Davis Monthan AFB boneyard.

Having that background, Andrea found her love of aviation very young. With her dad as her CFI in Colorado, she got an early start on training and even accomplished her first solo before her high school graduation. She received her PPL in 2019 and instrument rating in 2021. She enjoyed her time flying different airplanes around the country and building hours before she joined Epic in the Fall of 2022 for her CSEL, CMEL, and CFI ratings. Andrea is excited to share her love of aviation with her students here at Epic.

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