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    I’ve been flying since 26 years now – glider beginner in 1994, glider license in 1996, SEP (land) in 2002 (Zlin Z-142 low wing aerobatic fixed (nose)gear 210 HP constant speed prop, definitely less forgiving than a Cessna); presently I’m a glider instructor and lately I fly motorgliders (mostly the SF-25 “Falke”, more difficult to land than a Cessna); and in the past 2 years I’ve attended an A&P school which gives an actual Part66 license to those who attend the school as full “daytime” students, while I went to the evening school “version” which gives the same learning materials but in fewer hours of classes, so this education gives “only” a certificate, with which I could work at airliner maintenance companies like Aeroplex or Lufthansa Technik (at our international airport LHBP); to build hours (on the field of maintenance/repair) , to have actual maintenance job experience which is also necessary in order to get the Part66 license (apart from the theory module exams), but salaries here would be not sufficient to stay afloat, not to mention to manage some savings and advance in my aviation carreer, so I definitely don’t want to work there, I don’t even apply because I know some fellows who went to the same school as I did, and who already work at these companies. AND I’m more interested in the maintenance of GA aircrafts as opposed to airliners. Presently I’m in the process of restoring a motoglider, but I’m not an experienced technician, but not a fully beginner either (somewhere in between), and would be happy to learn further, working alongside an experienced Part66 A&P person or at an aircraft maintenance company/organization.

    I speak “not native but fluent” English, Spanish and Catalan, and a little bit of Italian, German, with some faint memories of Russian (from elementary school years), and I type with 10 fingers blind, and most certainly I can find my ways quickly in basically any software. I also have category A, B, C (trucks) , D (autobus) and E (“semi” / heavy trailer) lincenses, plus heavy machinery like caterpillar diggers or backhoe loaders.

    I’d love to do my Sea Rating (probably/possibly in Florida where my uncle lives), but for that first I’d need to go through the EASA-to-FAA conversion (once I already got until a Verification Letter but it expired because my contract with a US company ended so I had to come home); background check and drug check wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is financing (working and earning money – which not necessarily or not always go together) and to get the work permit (visa) to be able to work legally in the US (otherwise I won’t be able to get there). I could imagine working even as a gatekeeper to walk around premises in every hour, or as a truck driver, in a way (“part time” ?) that would allow me to have significant amount of time to read (learn), but despite the obvious shortage of truck drivers in LA for instance – to my great surprise – the recruiting companies don’t offer visa sponsorhip. I found companies from India who offer visa sponsorship, but they would need employees to work with SAP software system, which I could of course pick up in half a year or a year or such, but, again, the “narrow diameter” is having the Time while working (with sufficient salary).

    So, the question is (although I do realize that all this might seem ‘ehhhh, this guy is waaaay too complicated’) , would someone be willing to help me with contacts / communication, regarding how I could get a “lazy” job somewhere so that I can get established (with visa sponsorship) ? For instance I would ab-so-lu-tely love to work as a glider instructor (for a salary), and besides that I could attend an A&P school AND be an apprentice at a maintenance company. (Hmm, what do you think ?) In a general sense I’m looking for opportunities / possibilities, not so much for the immediate/short-term future, rather for the mid-term, first with shorter (1-2 months long) contracts, and then go from there.

    Would be happy to communicate with “anyone” who could give some useful hints.


    Hello Rocker,

    Thank you for participating in our forum!
    Right now, Epic can’t help you since we cannot sponsor a work visa.

    Hopefully there will be someone who can help you with your concern.

    Best of luck!

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