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Hello Nicola,

Here are the answers to your questions:

Will this program also help me with shared student housing?
Answer: No. You will have to pay for your housing.

How long will the course be per day (the hours per day)?
Answer: Classes are Monday – Friday, 2-3 hours per day and the actual flights are depending on which level you are in the training.

If the program cannot help me with the student housing I would need to find a job to be able to pay for it. Is that possible while attending the flight school?
Answer: If you are a US citizen, feel free to find a job to pay for your housing. But if you are coming from other countries, you will be required to have a working permit in order to find a side job here.

What will I need to bring?
Answer: To become a trained airline pilot at Epic Flight Academy in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA you must:
1) Be at least 17 years of age
2) Speak English proficiently
3) International students must have a valid passport (Passport information: or two other forms of identification if you are from the USA
4) Completed high school or secondary education (Grades don’t matter, only that you completed school.)

Will the program be providing us with food?
Answer: The cost of food is not included in the cost of our programs. We have multi-national students, all of which have different food preferences. New Smyrna Beach has many restaurants and food markets accommodating every culture and budget. We recommend that you budget at least $300 per month for food expenses ($10 per day). Read more here:

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