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That is a very good question, Bhadauriya 09!

You will gain knowledge, develop skills, and foster a disposition of safety and care in this program. The majority of your learning experiences will be hands-on (60% labs, 40% lecture).

This certification allows you to work on everything from hot air balloons in Albuquerque to jumbo jets at United. You will be qualified to work for commercial airlines, aircraft manufacturers, Space X, private jet owners, government agencies, and even companies like Disney World. You can even freelance and work for individual airplane owners.

Starting pay for aircraft mechanics is in the neighborhood of $60,000, but this will vary depending on which company you choose for your employer. The pay per hour ranges from $20 to $50 depending on multiple factors. So, we encourage you to research further details about aircraft mechanic salaries and wages including starting, average, and top pay.

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