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Hello Treigh,

Below are the answers to your questions:

What are your placement percentages?
Answer: We train and hire our Certified Flight Instructors because we are confident they have received top quality training. Ultimately, CFIs build flight time teaching students and then move on to the airlines once they meet hiring requirements.

What is your average placement starting salary?
Answer: Pilot salary varies widely and is all calculated on the number of hours flown. The pay can range from $36 per hour to $130 per hour. This increases with major airlines where flying a Boeing 777 pays in the neighborhood of $320.

Where do your pilots typically start/get placed?
Answer: We have airlines that come here and hire. Air Wisconsin, Republic, Endeavor, Piedmont, and Ameriflight are some of a few that regularly visit our campus to present career opportunities and recruit our students and instructors.

What other costs are potentially involved?
Answer: You will be able to see the full cost breakdown here:

What financial aid options are available?
Answer: Our financing and student loans are available here:

Does this program meet the requirements of most/all airline employers or are there additional hoops I’d need to jump through/requirements that would need to be met beyond this program?
Answer: Yes! Basically, we train students to meet all airline requirements and standards.

Thank you very much for using our forum!

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