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Hello Anushka,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1.what Is the student trainer ratio?
Answer: We keep our student-to-instructor ratio at approximately 3 or 4 students per instructor to ensure a high degree of personalized instruction.

2. What do you do when the aircraft isn’t available?
Answer: Many flight students worry that they won’t have ready access to training aircraft, but that is never a problem at Epic. We ensure our students can fly at least 5 times per week by maintaining a growing fleet of Cessna 172s, equipped with the G1000 glass cockpit, and twin-engine Piper Seminoles/PA-44. Additionally, Epic saves its students time and money by providing motion flight simulators for training. With a fleet of 25+ planes and simulators, our students never have to worry about flight training. We always have new aircraft in the ordering pipeline in order to accommodate our students.

3. Do you have a setup plan? Or the plan is personalized to every student?
Answer: You have your own course manager who will set up all of your schedules. You will have to follow a strict schedule or else you will be penalized.

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