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Below are the answers to your questions:

Are pilots required to have 20/20 vision? or can it be corrected to 20/20 it’s ok?
Answer: No, as long as your vision can be corrected to 20/20 with glasses or contacts, you will be eligible for a First Class FAA Medical Certificate, which makes you eligible to fly as a civilian professional pilot. This is much less restrictive than military pilot vision requirements.

Do I have to complete ground school before flight school? or is ground school included in the course tuitions?
Answer: Ground school is included in the training. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, we have made all ground school lessons to be done online. Epic Flight Academy was authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct an online ground school. Join us in an online course where you can interact with your flight instructor and see how you can take your entire Ground School course online! Registration for this demo is free of charge. Check out here:

Do tuition and funds depend on FAFSA like colleges?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not provide any funding or tuition assistance through FAFSA. Our student financing and loan options are available here:

I read an article that mentioned airline pilots require a bachelor’s degree, is a bachelor’s degree required or optional? and can it be any major?
Answer: No, a college degree is not required by many commercial airlines. However, some airlines either require a degree or assign hiring preference to pilots who have earned a degree. For more information, please visit this page:

Since you are currently in Junior class, you are qualified to take advantage of our aviation scholarships. Please read here for more details:

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