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As the stereotype goes, men are usually the ones that fly the planes and women are usually the ones attending to the passengers on the plane. These days things are operating much differently when it comes to which gender flies an airplane or a jet. Sure there have been many influential women pilots throughout history, but the question remains- how often do you see a women behind the ‘stick” of a major commercial airline jumbo jet? Almost never has been the traditional answer over the years, but not these days.

Women all across the globe today are catching the “pilot” bug and are enrolling into flight school to start their journey towards becoming a paid professional airline pilot.


Please read the suggested women pilot news stories below to see what we are talking about-

Award Winning Actress On Her Way to Become a Pilot



Flight School in Virginia Hosts Event to Inspire More Women to Become Professional Pilots

In recent news stories from across the world from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia, to back home in the United States; Women are starting to show a substantial interested in starting professional pilot careers as commercial airline pilots.



Vietnam Pilot Schools See Increase From Women Interested in Starting A Pilot Career as A Commercial Airline Pilot



The First Women In Saudi Arabia Obtains her Pilot License

This pilot news story is particularly interesting as women in Saudi Arabia are still not even allowed to drive vehicles, let alone fly airplanes or jets as a professional paid commercial airline pilot.



First Female Pilot in Rwanda-



Women Pilot Taking Flight – New women Pilot Awareness Campaigns



Women Pilots-

We at Epic Flight Academy have been training male and female  pilots from over 60+ countries, and doing so effectively and successfully for over 15 years. During our time operating our international flight school, we have had numerous women pilots graduate from our flight school training programs that have gone off to become commercial airline pilots for airlines across the globe. To this very day, Epic Flight Academy employs certified flight instructors that are women pilots, and we to have seen an increase in the amount of women that are interested in becoming a pilot or interested in starting a commercial airline pilot career.

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