Ana Guzmán Completes First Student Pilot Solo Flight

Student Pilot Solo Flight With Ana Guzmán Ana Guzmán Completes Her First Solo Flight as Student Pilot with Epic Flight Academy. Congratulations Ana Guzmán on finishing your first solo flight as a student pilot! Great job and it only gets better from here! Keep up the great work and you will have your private pilot license soon enough. Ana Guzmán is seen in this picture with her certified flight instructor Evan Foster. Date: 12/19/2014 Flight- First Student Pilot SOLO Flight Click here to see more of our student pilots after their first SOLO flight – Student Pilot SOLO Flights

New Instrument Rating Pilot School Graduate Alejandro Palazuelos

New IR Rating Pilot Alejandro Palazuelos Excellent Work Alejandro on completing your FAA instrument rating training! Alejandro just completed his FAA IR pilot training courses and graduated from our flight school, Epic Flight Academy. Alejandro and his certified flight instructor Case Aubin took this picture immediately upon completing his instrument rating check ride. Date: 10/22/2014 Flight School Graduate: FAA Instrument Rating Pilot Certificate Click here to see more of our Instrument Rating flight school graduates

Private Pilot License Graduate Orcun Doganci

PPL School Graduate Orcun Doganci- Congratulations Orcun Doganci on graduating from our FAA flight school with your private pilot license! Orcun Doganci recently graduated from our private pilot training school and passed the FAA private pilot exams, and the PPL checkride. Orcun is now a certified FAA private pilot. Awesome Job Orcun! Orcun Doganci is seen in this picture with his CFI Daniel Faundez. Date: 10-2-2014 Flight: Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) Click here to see more of our recent private pilot license school graduates    

How to Choose the Best Pilot School

How to choose the best flight school Have you been thinking about becoming a professional commercial airline pilot? Just as students go to college, student pilots have to go to pilot school so they can learn to fly a plane. Some of the different types of pilot license training programs are as follows- private pilot license, multi-engine pilot license, instrument ratings, commercial pilot license programs, airline transport pilot license, frozen airline transport license, certified flight instructor license. Deciding which pilot school to attend is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for someone interested in starting a pilot career. Choosing the best pilot training academy is very similar to choosing […]

EASA Closed by the EASA

For Immediate Release: UK Students’ Unfinished EASA Education Flies Out Window in Ormond Beach, Florida While Some Navigate Safe Landing at Epic Flight Academy New Smyrna Beach, Florida, August 12, 2013 – Several students from countries in the European Union whose airline career dreams once soared were attending classes at a pilot school in Ormond Beach, FL but their dreams were temporarily grounded when the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) caused the closing of the school they were attending. The school, Euro American School of Aviation, used the agency’s initials for marketing purposes but ironically the EASA (school) was forced to close by a ruling of the EASA (agency) on […]