Different Types of Pilot Careers

Different Types of Pilot Careers

Pilot Careers Have You Been Thinking About Starting A Rewarding Career as A Professional Pilot? As the saying goes, “ If you do what you love doing, then you will never work a day in your life”. How would you feel if your office or work place was located in the cockpit of a airplane, turbo prop, small jet, airline jumbo jet, or any other type of aircraft while being thousands of feet up in the air? The ultimate feeling of flying and freedom, could there be anything better? So if you have ever wanted to learn to fly or become a pilot, now may be the perfect time to […]

Pilot Jobs Shortage of Pilots Begins

Is the shortage of pilots that was forecasted and anticipated for the future here already? Where are the pilots? Wall Street Journal’s News Hub video series reported on 2/3/2014 that airlines have already had to cut regional flights due to lack of pilots. Over the weekend United Airlines announced that it cut 60% of departures from Cleveland because the their affiliate that flies out of Cleveland couldn’t fill pilot jobs and it is a less busy hub anyway. Great Lakes Airlines, flying out of the mid-west, is cutting service in six small cities there that have no other carriers due to inability to fill pilot jobs. Why is there a […]

Thousands of Pilot Jobs to Fill in the Middle East

Thousands of Pilot Jobs to Fill in the Middle East

Some of the leading airlines in the Middle East recently ordered over 500 aircraft. Boeing reported that there will be a need for almost 500,000 pilots globally over the next 20 years, and airlines in that region estimate that 40,000 of those pilot jobs will need to be filled in the Middle East. There is a Pilot and National Cadet Pilot Programme at Emirates Airlines, and the program manager Abdullah Al Hammadi said forecasts of pilot job vacancies from two years ago are continuing to increase. He says the shortage will only grow over the next few years. Air Arabia added, “The Middle East region is leading the world in […]

Pilot Jobs Return to United Airlines

On September 5th, 2013 in Chicago, United Airlines announced that furloughed pilot jobs would be reinstated. Having promised each furloughed pilot, jobs would be returned to them when/as afforded by the airline’s revenue. Honoring their promise, United will recall nearly 600 pilots, and none will remain on furlough after this period of rehiring. Beginning in October, the recalled pilots will undergo training classes that will continue through the end of the year. United Airlines and affiliates operate an average of 5,341 flights a day to more than 360 airports across six continents with more than 12,000 pilots. Recent news reflects the trend toward this being a fantastic couple of years […]

Pilot Jobs Not Scarce Here

Original News Story for Launch of our Zero to Hero course back in 2013… Ten Lucky Student Pilot Trainees in Florida Flight School Get Instant Pilot Jobs Epic Flight Academy, an award winning pilot school in New Smyrna Beach, Florida has an exceptional and rare offer to domestic student pilots: Graduate with a job. Only ten domestic student pilots will be empowered to both graduate from Epic Flight Academy’s “Zero to Hero Course” and join their pilot career center with pilot jobs right away. Not only will the student pilots achieve the aviation courses and the job, but they’ll be extended a discounted tuition price. Hurry to reserve your seat […]

Pilot Jobs at Flexjet in Texas

High quality employer and service provider, Flexjet, is hiring to fill pilot jobs in Texas. The world’s second largest fractional jet ownership services provider is recruiting to fill pilot jobs to satisfy increasing demand. Vice President Jason Weiss anticipates “hiring in the double digits in 2013 and beyond.” Flexjet crews are trained to a higher standard than required by the FAA’s FAR Part 135 regulations with first officers having been type rated in their assigned aircraft and having completed the same as captain training. New hires get a comprehensive one-month training. Interested pilots should have at least 2,500 hours of total flight time, 500 hours of multi-engine flight time, and […]