VFR Pilot Rating vs IFR Pilot Rating

IR Rated Pilot Versus VFR Rated Pilot   What does VFR and IFR mean? The acronyms VFR and IFR stand for different types of FAA pilot guidelines that aviators must follow when flying. VFR stands for visual flight rules, which basically means a pilot  has to follow certain FAA flight rules operating by using only their  eyesight while flying. IFR on the other hand, stands for “Instrument Flight rules”, which means that a pilot is basically flying by using their instruments for navigation, radar, weather tracking, flight path monitoring, take off and landing purposes, etc. VFR Pilot: FAA Visual Flight Rules- VFR Pilot Information and VFR Flight Requirements- When you first get started out as […]

New Instrument Rated Pilot School Graduate Ali Yusef Foolath

New IR Pilot Ali Yusef Foolath Congratulations Ali on Graduating as An Instrument Rated Pilot (IR) From Our Accredited Flight School. Ali just recently completed his instrument rating pilot training course work with Epic Flight Academy and is now able to fly aircraft in low visibility, above clouds, and in poor weather conditions. So whats next Ali? Do you plan on going for your commercial pilot license? If you are, please keep up the great work, get those flight training hours in, and you will have your FAA commercial pilot license certificate in no time at all! Ali is seen in this photo with his certified flight instructor Oren Grantzraz Date: Sept. 25th, 2014 Flight School Graduate: […]