Private Pilot School Graduate Konstantinos Lamprou

Our Latest PPL Graduate- Konstantinos Lamprou Excellent Work Konstantinos Lamprou on graduating from our international flight school with your private pilot license! Konstantinos recently completed our PPL training courses, passed the FAA private pilot exams, and passed the PPL checkride. Congratulations Konstantinos on becoming a certified FAA private pilot. Konstantinos Lamprou is seen in this picture with his Certified Flight Instructor Adam Sisk Date: 10-06-2014 Flight: Private Pilot License Certificate (PPL) Click here to see more of our recent private pilot license school graduates

Private Pilot School Graduate Sammy Yagmour

PPL Graduate Sammy Yagmour- Congratulations Sammy on completing our accelerated private pilot license training course, passing your FAA exams, and check ride! How does it feel to have your private pilot license? Whats next? Do you plan on going for additional pilot ratings, the commercial pilot license, CFI ratings, and/or the ATP pilot certificate so you can fly with the “Big Boys” ? Sammy Yagmour is seen in this photo with his Certified Flight Instructor- Dwayne Quick Date: 10-1-2014 Flight: Private Pilot Certificate   Click here to see more of our flight school graduates – private pilot license graduates