Bahadir Batay Student Pilot SOLO Flight

Bahadir Batay First Student Pilot Solo Flight With Bahadir  Batay Awesome job Bahadir Batay on completing your first solo flight as a student pilot! Keep working hard on your dream of becoming a licensed professional pilot, and thank you for choosing Epic Flight Academy to receive your pilot training. Bahadir is seen in this photo with his CFI- Sean Murphy Date: 10-21-2014 Flight: First SOLO Flight Click here to see more of our student pilots after their first SOLO flight – Student Pilot SOLO Flights

International Flight Schools for Foreign Student Pilots

Facts On Attending US Based International Flight Schools for Aspiring Student Pilots Do you plan on choosing a US flight school? If so, you will need to obtain a US visa to be able to come to the US before you can begin your flight training at any and all US flight schools. International Flight Schools – Obtaining a U.S. Visa to go to a Pilot School in the USA Aspiring pilots that are interested in enrolling in an approved USCIS institution to attend aviation college or to go to accredited flight schools must first go through the process of obtaining a U.S. Visa. Depending on what type of pilot license […]