Flying is not only an incredibly enjoyable and freeing experience, but it can lead to a rewarding  career with endless travel opportunities. Epic Flight Academy, located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, is seeking students with a true passion for flying to join our elite flight school and become part of our worldwide network of prosperous professional pilots.

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With a multitude of flight schools and programs offered across the globe, we recognize that entering the field of aviation can be overwhelming. Our Admissions Team consists of multilingual experts that provide enrollment advice based on the ever-changing aviation industry. With a passion for helping students realize and achieve their full career potential, we guarantee personalized guidance throughout every step of the enrollment process. 


It would be our honor to be part of your journey to reaching your aviation dreams and to provide with the necessary information to start your prosperous pilot career~ Your Admissions Team

Prospective students often get lost in all of the flight training course plans that are available to them, and it is our pleasure to walk you through the information, ensuring you enroll in the courses that best fit your aviation goals and foster success. The admissions process differs due to the need for additional government documentation for international students, so we invite you to learn more about the application requirements and enrollment process based upon your citizenship:


US Student Admissions

International Student Admissions

The way I see it, you can either work for a living, or you can Fly Airplanes,  Me I’d rather fly!  ~ Quote by Len Morgan