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Learn to Fly Webinars

In the video player above, you can select any of the past webinars we’ve recorded by using the playlist scroll beneath the player. Listen to tips from our students and Admissions Specialists on how to make the decision if becoming a pilot is right for you. Choosing a career in aviation is extremely rewarding and you can’t get any better than a classroom in the sky!

The Big Decision of Becoming a Pilot

It’s a huge decision and investment to determine the right direction for your career. Take some advice from our
expert team of Admissions Specialists on important things to consider when choosing a flight school to learn to fly. We have met many students like yourself who understand that they have many options but there’s so much information they don’t know where to start. Start by watching Epic’s informative webinars to guide you in the right direction. Every month we add new information and update you on aviation industry news and advancements in flight training. Here at Epic Flight Academy we believe in fully preparing for success and will assist you in enrolling in our flight school to learn to fly.why wouldn't you want to become a pilot

So Much Information! Are You Unsure?!

It is okay, we are here to help! Going through information that the FAA has posted or popular information websites, such as AOPA, can be an overload of information. Our recommendation is to first contact your country’s Civil Aviation Authority if you are not a citizen of the United States. Find out first all of the minimum requirements of your CAA and confirm that they will allow you to co-validate your FAA pilot license when you return home. Once you haveyou can learn to fly too like me that information you can narrow down WHERE you want to fly. Important things to consider are topography, meaning are there a lot of mountains that you would have to take off and fly around in, and consistent weather optimal for flight.  You don’t want to be dodging mountains and you don’t want your flight activities to often be canceled, delaying your training, due to poor weather conditions such as snow, heavy winds, and rain.  Now that you’ve chosen areas where you want to learn to fly start researching flight schools in those states.  When making comparisons of states you want to pay attention to the costs not only for tuition but living expenses. This can vary greatly state-by-state and even city by city! For example, the cost of tuition in Florida for flight schools can all be around the same amount but the cost of living in Miami versus New Smyrna Beach, Miami is substantially more expensive considering the cost of living.  Now it’s time to start contacting individual flight schools for quotes and their safety record.  More important than location or cost is your safety and the quality of education! You don’t want to choose a school with a poor safety record or outdated equipment. That’s a brief overview of what you need to consider in order to learn to fly.

Epic = Safety + Highest Quality Flight Education to Learn to Fly

This is the perfect equation for becoming a pilot. At Epic Flight Academy we are excited to have the opportunity to teach you how to become a professional pilot and learn to fly. Our Admissions Team wants to hear from you with your concerns and questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you’re in the beginning stages of evaluating your options. Our goal is to assist students in finding the right school for them and we understand that sometimes you have different needs than what we offer. Give us a chance to guide you in the right direction and contribute to the overall goal of supporting the aviation industry worldwide.