How Do I Book my Free Introductory Flight Lesson?

Easy.  Fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly with available dates and times to take a backseat flight.  Please make sure you note the correct time and date for your free introductory flight lesson and try your best to be at dispatch 5 minutes prior.  Hand the dispatcher your email confirmation which will contain the flight instructor and student you will be flying with.  You’re off to fly the skies of New Smyrna Beach, enjoy some coastal views, and get a first hand look at how to become a pilot!

Free Introductory Flight Request

try introductory flight lesson with Epic

Bring With You

Don’t forget to bring your introductory flight lesson confirmation email!  We will provide you with a headset so that you can plugin and hear all communication between Air Traffic Control, the Certified Flight Instructor, and the Student Pilot.  Make sure to dress comfortably for your flight, if it’s hot wear a tank top and shorts because this is flight training in Florida and it gets warm!  If it’s chilly outside bring a jacket and wear pants.  If you tend to get motion sick it helps to eat something prior to your flight or we recommend taking a Dramamine so you can fully enjoy the flight.  There’s no bathroom on board so go easy on the fluids too.  Of course, don’t forget your camera and please share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!

We Know…We Know…Now You Want to Become a Pilot

We know you’re going to enjoy your flying lesson so much that you can’t wait to join our next pilot training class with new start dates each month!  When you finish your flight we will follow up to hear how awesome of a time you had and how you can’t wait to become a pilot now.  Read about all of how you can begin your flight training at Epic and let us help you jumpstart your pilot career.  If you don’t want to wait to hear from us you can call our Admissions Department directly at 386-409-5583 x306 and someone will be happy to answer all of your questions.  We truly hope you enjoyed your introductory flight lesson and tell all your friends to take advantage of this offer too!