How to Choose the Best Flight School

how to choose a pilot school

Have you been thinking about becoming a professional commercial airline pilot?

Just as students go to college, student pilots have to go to pilot school so they can learn to fly a plane.

Some of the different types of pilot license training programs are as follows- private pilot license, multi-engine pilot license, instrument ratings, commercial pilot license programs, airline transport pilot license, frozen airline transport license, certified flight instructor license. Deciding which pilot school to attend is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for someone interested in starting a pilot career.

Choosing the best pilot training academy is very similar to choosing the best college for a specific major. Simply conducting your due diligence on the pilot schools you wish to attend will undoubtedly safeguard you from selecting an under-par pilot training institution.

Be Careful! Some flight schools like to take advantage of the fine print clause when enrolling new students. What this basically means is that they will offer set pilot training course packages for specific pilot training programs with predetermined course criteria and line item charges such as- pilot supplies, pilot uniforms, flight hours, flight fuel, hours of in class training, flight simulator hours, so on and so forth. So if there are any overages above and beyond what they provide as part of their default pilot course programs, you start receiving additional charges on your student account from the supposed pilot school. Other pilot schools like to add additional charges if you take longer with your pilot courses than they have allotted within their default pilot training program packages.

How to Choose the Best Pilot School – Tips

Listed below are several red flags that you should pay attention to when making your final decision for a flight school:

1- Flight Instructors are not accessible – Basically, if you can not get a hold of your flight instructor to schedule flight training time, then you will experience costly delays in finishing your flight school classes. Make sure to speak with a flight instructor when you request more information from any flight school. If you can’t get in touch with one, you will probably have a problem after you enroll if and when you choose that flight school.

2- Airplane/ et Availability – You should always choose a pilot school that has plenty of up to date aircraft for flight training. If a fight school has a low number of planes, outdated equipment, or their aircraft are frequently grounded for repair or safety reasons, you should definitely consider a different flight school. Learning to fly with outdated aircraft is not the best route to take when going for your pilot license as this will ultimately affect your flight capabilities on newer aircraft when you get out into the real world with your pilot license. Furthermore, going to a flight school that does not have enough aircraft to satisfy their students course work needs, means only one thing- it will take longer to get your pilots license from them, while costing you additional money for going over the default time frame of their pilot license program.

3- Pilot School – Full Payment Required Up Front? Be very careful with any flight school that requires full payment in advance. This does not mean that every flight school requiring full payment is a scam. It means that you have to do your home work and research the flight school. Go and take a tour of the flying academy facilities to check out their operations, flight instructors, aircraft, equipment, and speak to some of their existing students to make sure you are making the absolute best decision. As you can see, finding what appears to be an honest pilot school that offers extensive pilot training courses, top notch certified flight instructors, and up to date flight training equipment is only half the battle; conducting your due diligence to ensure you do not get “taken for a ride (or your wallet taken for a flight)” is definitely the most time consuming and hardest part of choosing the best pilot school.

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how to choose a pilot school