Chapters Eligible for VA GI Bill Flight Training

approved gi bill flight school

Before you start the process of signing up for schools that accept GI Bill for flight training make sure your are enrolled in one of the following:

  • Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty
  • Chapter 33 – Post 911
  • Chapter 1607 – Reserve Educational Assistance Program
  • Chapter 1606 – Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve

This is the GI Bill flight training list majority of flight schools are approved for.  Epic is an approved GI Bill flight school for use of your VA military education benefits.

Elizabeth Piowaty - Epic Graduate USAF

Elizabeth Piowaty – Epic Graduate USAF

What Flight Training Can My Benefits Be Used Towards?

These benefits can be used towards career pilot, Part 141 training courses. Your Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine or Commercial Multi Engine, Single or Multi Engine Add-on, Certified Flight Instructor – Initial (CFI-A), Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII), and Certified Flight Instructor – Multi Engine (MEI). GI Bill benefits cannot but used for any portion of your Private Pilot training because obtaining only that certifications doesn’t allow you to earn money. The VA is very clear that your benefits can only be used in support of education and training that lead to you earning a job. What they didn’t make sense of is that you can’t get to the career part of becoming a pilot without completing step 1, your Private Pilot Certificate. Silly VA. Don’t let it phase you though, you’re still getting an incredible amount of assistance in paying for your flight training.


GI Bill Flight Training Eligibility and VA Flight Training Reimbursement

How much you will save in out of pocket costs is all based off of your percent of eligibility.  Ideally, you want to find schools that accept GI Bill plus offer additional discounts or perks.  If you’re not sure what your percent of eligibility is for your military education benefits you must first contact your regional VA office to apply for benefits. They will provide you with your percentage of eligibility.  Next, visit the number one source for updates on VA flight training benefits.  Here you can get read way too many details but you’ll be thoroughly informed on GI Bill flight training options.  Last, the individual GI Bill rate tables found on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website will outline the maximum costs per academic year.  In a nutshell:

Chapter 30 and 1606 – 60% of the total approved charges for the course.

Chapter 1607 – Between 24 – 48% of the total approved charges for the course.

Chapter 33 – Capped at $12,554.54 per academic year regardless of academic year the course is completed.

gi bill flight training payout

These are the latest updates for 2016 but this information can change without warning so bookmark their webpage.  At Epic Flight Academy we will assist you in mapping out a GI Bill flight training plan to maximize these benefits.  This can be tricky but a few of us are Veterans ourselves so we’ve learned how to time your start dates and when to push and get your completed for a course.


Additional Veteran Benefits from Epic Flight Academy

Of course we want to sweeten the deal because military students already have the discipline, focus, and

motivation to achieve success. Quite frankly, they make amazing flight instructors and incredible airline pilots so Epic wants all the military student pilots we can get! Here’s our list of perks:

Ryan James Wright - Epic Graduate and Flight Instructor USMC

  • $200 Application Fee waived
  • Get started on your Private Pilot Course today with zero out of pocket costs and get started!
  • Preferential hiring for a flight instructor position at Epic Flight Academy
  • Letter of Intent to Hire from partnering airlines

First, to get you started we waive your application fee. Our Admissions Team can give you all the details on how to combine your GI Bill flight training benefits with some financial assistance for the opportunity to cover all of your training costs. Then we’re going to recruit you for our own flight department and give you a job! As you build hours training student pilots you will then become eligible for employment with our partnering regional airlines.




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