Specialized International Flying Lessons

Epic Flight Academy is a top flight academy well known for major advancements in international student pilot training. Over 85% of our student pilots come from abroad. We have an estimated 190 international students taking flying lessons right now from various countries in the world. Epic’s flying lessons have been designed for international students in need of an Airline Pilot Training curriculum to prepare them for their professional career. Our complete courses include all flying lessons necessary to allow you to return to your country or future country of employment and apply for an airline pilot position.  These are the two main pilot courses our international students

students enjoying florida Flying Lessons in N62568Our flying lessons are structured like that of the training programs conducted by an airline including computer based training (CBT), simulation, flight, ground school and one-on-one briefing so that our graduates will already be familiarized with the general setup of an airline training schedule and demands. Epic has the capability to train students of all levels of experience but we specialize in international students with no experience. These courses take students from zero experience to becoming a Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot. This is the basic requirement to be hired for any airline. Regardless of the country you will return to and work in we have flying lessons to meet any civil aviation authority’s requirements. Epic is one of only 5 flight schools in the entire United States approved to offer a dual FAA – EASA course takes students from zero experience to a licensed Commercial Multi Engine Pilot with the added experience of ATPL Theory and MCC course. We can also customize flying lessons allowing students to enter training at different stages if they have flight experience prior to arriving at Epic.

Flying Lessons in the United States

Airlines operating in other countries prefer their students complete their flying lessons in the United States. Many airlines go as far as to organize and send all of their future pilots to conduct their flight training in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the federal department overseeing all flight activities for this nation. A FAA pilot’s license is world renowned for its quality, standards of safety and is considered to have the best pilot lessons structure compared to any country.

wright brothers paved the way for flying school in the united statesInvention of flight began here! The rest of the aviation world knows of these high standards for flying lessons in order for a student to receive a pilot license approved by the FAA. At the end of each course students have a checkride where their skills are tested by an FAA Examiner before they can move on to the next level of training. This is important to airlines when they choose pilots for their crews. They want to be assured they are selecting pilots with only the best education and skills. The natural flow of flying lessons outlined by the FAA ensures students only graduate when they have proven they are proficient.

This is why FAA training is preferred by airlines globally.


Aviation Skills Development Course

simulated airplane lessons for ASD courseThere is standard for all flight schools in the United States that Epic follows but unique to Epic is our Aviation Skills Development (ASD) course developed for students with zero experience, coming from abroad. We are always evolving to offer new flying lessons tailored to our international student’s needs to create a comfortable learning environment. Because our students are coming with English as a second language and zero to minimal experience we created flying classes that we named the ASD course which is introduction to general aviation, aircraft, and flying. The course is based on aviation English practice through ATC readback, ground theory, and practicality or “real feeling” through simulation. It is unique because we use advance simulation in our pilot lessons, which allows the student to experience flying prior to the student ever entering the aircraft. This creates a strong foundation that allows them to excel through their training and gain the confidence needed to successfully complete the demands of actual flight in the aircraft. At Epic we recognized the difficulties our international students were having and created a course to better suit their needs. It has led to incredible success in completing students efficiently, safely, and at a comfortable learning pace.

In addition to the Aviation Skills Development Course, because aviation safety depends greatly on proper communication, Epic partnered with Pilot Aviation English. In combination with our ASD course this helps trainees quickly develop a level of speaking and listening proficiency that can be relied on in times of stress and unpredictability. This greatly reduces language limitations that may interfere with piloting, controller, and maintenance tasks.  Current and previous students will tell you that to be successful in your airplane lessons you need to have a high level of English. Their online Aviation English courses are designed so that students may continue improving their English skills while still maintaining an active flight training schedule.

communication flying lessons

Online Access: Schedule, Progress, and Grades

ETA show flying classes organized and graded

This is a screen shot of Epic’s student tracking and record keeping system, Talon ETA. Epic has linked the student’s training schedule at our flying school to an online tracking system allowing students, parents and sponsors to monitor progress through all of their flying. The report is accessible from anywhere in the world online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every time the student is scheduled for an activity or flight it is input into our dispatch and scheduling system, which is linked to the online tracking system. The student’s assigned flight instructor can also login and make notes specific to the flying lessons. This allows the user logging in to see any cancellations and delays in training along with notes from the student’s flight instructor. We want to make sure that not only the student is aware of their progress but also their sponsor and family. We encourage everyone to be involved in the student’s pilot lessons to keep them motivated and celebrate accomplishments. This is not an easy career choice and it always helps to encourage and hold the student accountable to keep progressing! Once a student arrives here at Epic they will immediately receive access to this program and the FAA requires Epic to maintain these records for a minimum of 5 years. Students may contact Epic after graduation for access to all individual flying classes records at anytime, free of charge.