100% Flight Training Financing for My Entire Course?!!!

Yes, it’s true! Epic Flight Academy has partnered with Airline Pilot Financing to offer eligible students up to $60,000 in flight training financing to fund your pilot career.  Combined with Epic’s low cost fly the Seminole with your flight training financingflight training it’s a match made in heaven for affordable, top quality training with all you need to become an airline commercial pilot.  What makes this flight training financing offer truly incredible is it is NOT solely based off of your credit like typical lending institutions and other student pilot loans.  Airline Pilot Financing and Epic want to change the aviation industry as we know it today and be a part of the solution concerning the worldwide shortage for exemplary, safe, and truly professional commercial airline pilots.  We recognize there are highly motivated students that are willing to prove their dedication to our high standards and achieve their dreams but not everyone can afford the ticket price of paying for flight training.  To make it worse, the options for flight training financing are pitiful and the odds are stacked against the student to be approved much less fund their entire training for total flight finance.  Together let’s change the aviation industry and step up to the opportunity to prove that you have the drive and motivation to achieve and let’s get you flying.

Plus a $10,000 Sponsorship for my Flight Instructor Ratings??!! ….Yes, please

See airlines are learning about our offer and think it’s so brilliant that they want first dibs on our graduates.  For the obvious reason that we are producing top quality airline pilots.  To sweeten the deal they are throwing in up to $10,000 in sponsorship as long as you are enrolled in our Epic Pilot Solutions course, that’s what we call all this amazingness.  Combined with flight school financing to complete you without delay.  Airlines want our graduates so bad that they’re even going to give you a Conditional Letter of Hire so that once you meet ATP minimums your ready to start your job as a First Officer.  Here’s the flow of events:

Stage 1: Primary Training
Completion Time –> 6-8 months
Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine
Flight Training Financing Available for up to $60,000*   

Stage 2: Instructor Training & Employment Contracts with Epic and Affiliate Airline
Completion Time –> 2-3 months personnel
Flight Instructor Initial (CFI), Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII), Airline Specific Training Requirements.
Sign contracts with Epic for guaranteed Flight Instructor job & your chosen affiliate airline Candidate– 2 yr Commitment* and receive your Conditional Letter of Hire and $10,000 sponsorship.  

Stage 3: Epic Flight Academy Flight Instructor to Trans State First Officer
Completion Time —> 8 -14 months
Fly 800 – 1300 Hours for Epic as a paid Flight Instructor, build time to meet Airline Transport Pilot minimums, begin position at selected affiliate airline as a professional airline pilot!

*Details and restrictions apply for flight finance.  100% scholarships depend on amount of training currently completed.  Offer open to U.S Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

Your first step to obtaining flight training financing and learning more about our airline affiliate sponsorship is to fill out the form below.  Shortly after receiving your submission a member of our Admissions Department will be contacting you to answer your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.  Talk to you soon!