Our Flight Training School Videos

Pilot School Videos

We have a wide range of videos for prospective student pilots to view as to explore everything our flight school has to offer. Some of our videos are brief video tours of our flight school, others are direct flight training videos, some of the videos are of student pilots going out on their first flight and/or first solo flight( day and night flights),  some are landings and take offs, others are interviews with student pilots and recent graduates of Epic Flight Academy, some are basic “how to”, and others are basic instructional videos on how to become a pilot to start a professional pilot career.

These flight school videos are of different types of pilots at varied pilot license stages, going for different types of pilot certificates- some of the student pilots are just arriving, while others are still student pilots but have already started their private pilot license training(PPL), others are in more advanced pilot classes going for their commercial pilot license(CPL) and IR/ME ratings,  some of our flight school videos are of commercial pilot license holders that are either working at accumulating more flight time towards their ATP, and some are of our certified flight instructors working as a professional pilots while getting paid and gaining working towards the FAA required 1500  hours of flight time needed to work at a major airline.

Please take the time to watch some of our flight school videos. At the very least you will be able to see what it is like on a daily basis for student pilots attending Epic Flight Academy, along with  how our accredited pilot training flight school operates.

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