Are there any travel restrictions on M-1 visa?

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No, there are no travel restrictions on M-1 visa. M-1 students may leave the U.S. and be readmitted after temporary absences. When making your travel plans, please remember that you must be a full-time student to keep your M-1 student status. Upon your return to the U.S. you should provide the immigration inspectors with:

Valid passport;

Valid M-1 entry visa stamped in the passport (if necessary);

Current Form I-20M-N signed by your designated school official. You should have the Designated School Official sign your Form I-20M-N each time you wish to temporarily travel outside the US;

New Form I-20M-N, Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant M-1 Student Status, if there have been substantive changes in your course of study or place of study, and:

Proof of your financial support

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