Epic Virtual Flight Academy

Epic’s Virtual Flight Academy Offers Online Flight Training



What is Epic’s Virtual Flight Academy?

Epic’s Virtual Flight Academy is an interactive online Private Pilot course and much more. Our online pilot training courses are designed for students to be able to to start their flight training from home prior to arriving at flight school. The course provides training videos with information on Cessna 172s, aircraft systems, aircraft performance, FAA regulations, and the New Smyrna Beach Airport, our home base.

Students who experience online flight school have a better conceptual understanding of flight training material, creating a solid foundation before arriving at the flight school. All material successfully completed from the online flight school will be credited and transferred to Epic’s professional pilot pathway program. This saves our students time and money. Our virtual training also gives you access to your FAA Flight Instructor who is there to provide support. One of the most helpful aspects of online flight training is the ability to collaborate online with other students. This function provides access for students to interact and help each other. International students from the same country frequently meet online and then travel to Epic Flight Academy together to begin their on-site flight training.

What are the benefits of online pilot training courses?

Attending pilot school online allows you to start your training in the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money. You will have a solid foundation when you arrive at flight school.

What topics will be covered in my online pilot classes?

We provide all of the basics you need to get started. Topics include:

  • FAA Rules and Regulations
  • Cessna 172 Glass Cockpit
  • United States Airports
  • Your online flight training also ensure you will:
  • Receive 60 hours of training material.
  • Receive support from Epic’s FAA Flight Instructors.
  • Be better prepared for Ground School.
  • Enjoy reduced tuition and training time with grain knowledge.
  • Connect with other aspiring pilots and current students.




Meet your Lead Virtual Instructor

Russell Bariesheff

An Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate with over 4,000 hours flight time, Russell brings invaluable experience to Epic’s advanced-technology learning system.

Flight instructing for over 10 years, Russell has been with Epic since 2007. Serving almost every role in Epic Flight Operations for, including Safety Officer, he was the Chief Instructor from 2011 through 2014. Having enormous contributions to Epic in each role, he is credited with composing nearly every aircraft standardization manual, aircraft checklist and most of Epic’s training courses.

After his term as Chief, Russell went on to fly FAR 135 Charter, and presently flies jets and turboprops for private corporations located in Northern Florida. In 2016, Russell began building Epic’s Virtual Flight Academy and continues to work on its development today. He also provides virtual instructor support to new students enrolling in Epic’s training program.

How do I begin?

Now that you understand the benefits of online flight school we can help you take the next steps to get you started. Remember, this course can be used as a stand-alone online FAA Private Pilot Course, or it can be integrated with our pathway program here at Epic Flight Academy when you arrive. We invite you to try our Demo Course at no cost to learn about the course, Simply fill out the form below to gain access! Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming a professional pilot! If you would like to enroll, tuition for the online course is $280.

Want to try our demo course?

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