Student Pilot –>Flight Instructor Job –>Airline Pilot = Epic Pilot Solutions

Welcome to Epic Pilot Solutions!  The pilot program that lines up everything for you in order to successfully begin your pilot career.  The path to becoming an airline pilot isn’t nearly as hard as trying to map out the right plan to achieve your goal.  We’ve done the legwork for you and created Epic Pilot Solutions in order to provide you with a clear path with all the support you need to earn a first officer position.

Stage 1: Primary Training
Completion Time –> 6-8 monthspre qual
Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine
Flight Training Financing Available for up to $60,000*   

Stage 2: Instructor Training & Employment Contracts with Epic and Partnering Airline
Completion Time –> 2-3 months personnel
Flight Instructor Initial (CFI), Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII), Flight Instructor Multi Engine (MEI)
Sign contracts with Epic for guaranteed Flight Instructor job & Airline Candidate offer with partnering airlines.
LOW TO NO COST TRAINING: Epic Flight Instructor Sponsorship + $10,000 Airline Partner Pilot Sponsorship- 2 yr Commitment*   

Stage 3: Epic Flight Academy Flight Instructor to First Officer
Completion Time —> 8 -14 months
Fly 800 – 1300 Hours for Epic as a paid Flight Instructor, build time to meet Airline Transport Pilot minimums, begin position at one of our partnering airlines as a professional airline pilot!

*Details and restrictions apply.  100% scholarships depend on amount of training currently completed.  Offer open to U.S Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

Airline Partnerships with Epic Pilot Solutions

Epic Flight Academy will monitor Airline Candidate’s progress and report weekly to our airline partners.  This reporting is a requirement of Epic Pilot Solutions program for the duration of both the Airline Candidate’s training and while flight instructing at Epic.  Airline Candidates will have to pass background checks and written hiring policies required by the FAA, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, etc.  Must hold a valid first-class medical and meet Airline’s standards for interview and employment.

Click each of our partnering airlines logos below to learn more about each airline and their pilot benefits:

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Airline Pilot Financing

Providing students with funds for flight training is Airline Pilot Financing’s specialty.  Epic Pilot Solutions was the first approved pilot program for fully funded training by Airline Pilot Financing.  This all due to real airline pilot financingEpic Flight Academy’s high training standards and history for producing exemplary graduates for airlines worldwide.  This isn’t your typical loan which scrutinizes your credit score and puts you on the backburner if you don’t have a 720! Instead this pilot financing is based off of your motivation and progress through your flight training.  They are confident that you will succeed, earning your airline career, and having no problem paying off your loan.  Especially with a deferred payment period of 6 months and super competitive APR compared to personal loans.  Apply today for Epic Pilot Solutions and don’t let money stand in the way of the skies you were born to fly in.