Epic-Ameriflight Pathway Program

Epic-Ameriflight Pathway Program

Providing the fastest and highest paid professional pilot pathway in the aviation industry

  • From zero experience to Captain of a turbine aircraft in 2.5 years
  • Qualified to be hired by a major airline in 5.5 years
  • Epic-Ameriflight $60,000 Tuition reimbursement
  • Gain unmeasurable experience and stand out among fellow pilots

With the demand for pilots at an all-time high and salaries soaring, aspiring aviators are seeking the most cost and time-effective ways to fulfill their airline pilot career dreams. As university aviation programs are costing well over $150,000 and requiring students to invest up to 6 years to meet necessary experience and flight hours to become a turbine aircraft Captain, Epic Flight Academy has introduced a solution. The Epic-Ameriflight pathway is designed for serious applicants pursuing flying as a professional career. This student- focused program allows applicants, if successful, to follow a rigorous, structured, step-by-step career pathway that fosters success.

Course Overview:

Epic-AMF Pathway cadets receive 10 months of foundational training as a student at Epic, earning their Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Multi-Engine Rating, and Flight Instructor Certificate. Progressing to the advanced training courses, cadets will then earn their Flight Instructor – Instrument Rating, and Multi-Engine Instructor Rating all while accumulating 1200 hours of flight experience at Epic over the course of 15 months.

Cadets will then graduate to Ameriflight where they will fly as a Captain for 3 years, accumulating a minimum of 2160 hours Captain turbine time. Cadets will advance within Ameriflight and have the experience and qualifications to be hired by a major airline; to flow through to a partner airline: Omni Air, Allegiant Air, or Frontier Airlines; or they may be selected for the UPS Gateway program.

Program Details:

  • Stage I: Aviation Skills Development,  Private Pilot & Intermittent Training
  • Stage II: Advanced Training & Ameriflight Introductory Course
  • Stage II:  New Hire Ameriflight Beech 99 Captain
  • Stage III: Type-Rated Captain
  • Stage IV: Continue with Amerilight or Advance to Major Airline

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 18 Years Old
  • Legally Eligible to Work in the United States
  • Earned High School Diploma, GED Diploma, or Higher
  • Ability to Obtain FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • Proficienciently Read, Write, and Speak English

Enrollment Process

  • 1. Submit Application & Three Professional Letters of Recommendation
  • 2. Selected Applicants will Have Phone Interview
  • 3. Pay Application Fee: Covers Background Check & Screening
  • 4. Demonstrate Ability to Finance Initial Cost of Training
  • 5. Interview with Both Epic & Ameriflight Representatives
  • 6. Obtain & Present First Class FAA Medical Certificate
  • 7. Receive Assigned Class Start Date
  • 8. Begin Training at Epic Flight Academy
  • 9. Successful Complete Solo Flight in Cessna 172 & Pass FAA Private Pilot Written Exam
  • 10. Provided Conditional Letter of Hire for Epic and Ameriflight

Application Period and Class Start Dates:

Classes begin once a month and are limited to 5 cadets each. Due to the duration of the review and screening process, applicants must submit their application a minimum of 1 month prior to a class start date in order to to be eligible for following class start.