Earn Both FAA and EASA with ATPL Theory Licenses in the United States

Yes! You can earn your ICAO EASA license at Epic Flight Academy in Florida. We have combined required EASA and ATPL theory course training to complete both your EASA Commercial Pilot license along with FAA licensing. This is a specialized course unlike anything offered in the United States to students wanting to truly become worldwide qualified. Completion of this single course entitles you to dual FAA and EASA licensing and completed ATPL course covering the 14 modules of theory to accomplish your ATPL Frozen.

Details about our FAA + EASA with ATPL Course

Epic Flight Academy’s dual course takes you from zero experience to a FAA Commercial Pilot, EASA Commercial Pilot, with Frozen ATPL license in 14 – 16 months. That is the quickest turnaround time that you will hear of in the flight training industry for dual licensing! This program is designed for students to become dually qualified by both EASA and FAA. We have worked very hard with our partners to come up with an affordable, accelerated course allowing you to meet EASA training requirements outlined by the UK CAA. This course includes everything that you need to accomplish these main requirements:

  • 200 total flight hours
  • 100 hours Pilot in Command
  • EASA Frozen ATPL – Passing grades on all 14 ATPL theory modules
  • EASA Instrument Rating Conversion
  • EASA Commercial Multi Engine Pilot Checkride

You will have two logbooks so as to properly track all of your training. When you complete Epic’s FAA+EASA with ATPL course you will have logged over 300 hours in your FAA logbook and at least 200 hours in your EASA logbook. Training takes place in Florida, United States with the EASA Instrument Rating Conversion completed in Coventry, England. With this program, for less than the price you will pay in Europe for just a EASA license, you will be FAA and EASA certified upon completion.


Is all of the training completed at Epic?  What are the steps?

You must complete your EASA pilot medical exam before arriving to Epic.  If you do not then you will have to exit the United States and fly to Europe in order to complete the EASA medical exam prior to taking your EASA Commercial checkride.  You will complete the following at Epic, in Florida, USA:

  • FAA  MEP
  • FAA IR
  • EASA ATPL Theory

Upon completion of the flight training listed above you will then travel to Coventry, England.  There you will be taken in by partners, Command Pilot Training, for your EASA IR Conversion.  This completes your worldwide qualification! Please note, if you are still deciding which school to do your flight training at make sure they are extremely knowledgeable about a dual licensed program. We always encourage students to do their research and our expert Admissions Team is more than happy to review and help you make comparisons.

Theory – ATPL Course

Epic’s ATPL course includes instructor led classroom sessions as well as computer based training. The 14 modules take a minimum of 6 months to complete but most students average 8-10 months. Remember, you are going to be completing over 750 hours of theory, which takes time and a lot of self study to learn this advanced information. What Epic has done in order to keep you progressing is we have structured our FAA + EASA Course so that you are completing your EASA ATPL theory course while you are flying. You should finish your FAA CPL and have only 1-2 months left of completing your ATPL modules tests. Then you take your EASA Commercial skill test and celebrate all of your hard work and accomplishments!