A Guide to Your First Discovery Flight

The discovery flight is designed to introduce you to the world of flying! Your first discovery flight lesson takes place with a certified flight instructor, whose goal is to make your first piloting experience as positive and rewarding as possible. You will have the opportunity to pilot the aircraft under their direct supervision, and ask any questions you have throughout the course of the lesson. While not part of the official requirements for a private pilot license, the discovery flight lesson is an excellent way to determine whether pursuing a pilot’s license is the right decision for you.

Many beginner pilots find the idea of flying for the first time exciting mixed with a little nervousness; however flight schools understand this and have designed these discovery flight lessons to put you at ease and confirm your enjoyment of soaring through the skies. Before the actual discovery flight, your instructor will walk you through a comprehensive pre-flight briefing, where you will be informed of what will happen during the actual flight. Similarly, you will have the opportunity to ask your instructor any questions that you may have, from technical question about piloting aircraft to general questions regarding the various license options, or the requirements for a private pilot license.

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What Happens During the Flight?

When it comes to the aircraft you will be flying in, expect it to be small. Usually flight schools uride for discovery flight c172ndertake these discovery flight lessons using single-prop small aircraft, such as our Cessna 172s. These aircraft are standard in the flight training world, mostly because of their reliability, maneuverability and overall simplicity. During the entire lesson, your flight instructor will be sitting immediately adjacent and will maintain the ability to take control of the aircraft at any given moment. This eases the stress on you, and allows you to focus on getting a feel for piloting aircraft, and improving your familiarity with the different take-off/landing procedures, flight instruments and general flight procedures.

Now for the fun part, flying! Your instructor will walk you through the pre-takeoff checklist, informing you about what
to look for when doing your plane inspection, how to communicate with air traffic control, and the initial takeoff procedure. Once you are confident that you have a good understanding, you will have the opportunity to taxi the plane to the runway, and voila! In the air, your flight instructor will guide you through such activities as climbing/descending, turning and accelerating/decelerating. This is your opportunity to get a feel for flying an aircraft, and decide whether you have a desire to pursue the requirements for a private pilots license in the future.

Finally, your flight instructor will guide you through the steps to landing the aircraft, and taxiing back to the flight school. At this point, you will be educated on the shutdown process, and the various steps that need to be taken once you have successfully returned to the school. The post-flight debrief will also provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the experience, and ask any new questions that you may have thought of during the discovery flight. At this point, your flight instructor will also provide you with detailed information as-to how you can go about taking your flying experience to the next step, offering a variety of potential options to meet the requirements for a private pilots license – taking your budget, schedule and experience into account.

Expect the overall experience to be very casual, relaxed and informative. The flight schools goal is not going to try and sell you on future flight lessons, as part of some long term sales pitch, but rather to make your first flight experience all about you and enjoying the ride. The entire process typically takes one hour, with 30 minutes allocated for the flight, and 30 minutes for the pre- and post-flight briefings. When seeking out a flight school for your first discovery flight, ensure that you select a school that meets your long-term goals. If you are simply looking to experience flying on a one-time basis we look forward to giving you a fun tour of our beach town!

Preparation for Your Discovery Flight

  • Eat 30 minutes before you arrive.  To counteract any motion sickness you might have it’s best to have something in your stomach.
  • Bring your photo ID.
  • Wear sunglasses.  Also, wear your contacts or prescription glasses!
  • Florida is typically warm so dress as if the air-conditioner was broken in a car with the windows rolled down. Visa versa with cold weather, dress as if the heater in the car is broken and windows rolled up.
  • Bring a camera, you might want to get a few cool shots of your first flight!  Don’t bring one though if it’s going to distract you.  Safety first.  This isn’t the time to record your whole flight using your phone in one hand and holding the yoke in the other…your instructor won’t allow it.
  • Purchase a logbook!  Everyone wants to log their first flight so bring a logbook or purchase one from our pilot shop.

30 Minute Discovery Flight  $79   Book Yours Today   386-409-5583 x301