How to Become a Commercial Pilot

Have you ever wondered how to become a commercial pilot? If you’re someone who has always wanted to fly but felt you couldn’t afford aviation as a hobby, maybe it’s time to think about a beginning a career as a pilot. In fact, it would help to first understand exactly what defines a commercial pilot. Simply put, a commercial pilot is someone who has been approved by the FAA to charge for pilot services. While most people immediately think of commercial airline pilots flying passengers (the most common example of a commercial pilot), there are other possible careers in this field as well. For instance, cargo pilots, such as those […]

Tuition Reimbursement to Address Pilot Shortage

Addressing Pilot Shortage Through Innovative Collaborations: Education and Career without Student Loan Debt While airline professionals and legislators continue the debate on how to resolve the growing pilot shortage, Epic Flight Academy and Ameriflight have proactively established commercial pilot career pathways. The Professional Pilot Pathway Program, launched by Epic in 2015, now includes $60,000 tuition-reimbursement through its partnership with Ameriflight. This means student pilots entering the program with no previous aviation experience have the opportunity to qualify to work as a captain of a turbine aircraft in just 2.5 years. At the end of 5.5 years, these pilots could have the qualifications to be hired by a major airline – […]

Favorite Aviation Books

Our 5 Favorite Aviation Books When you can’t climb into the cockpit and experience the thrill of flying, you can still curl up with a good book and live vicariously through the exploits and adventures of other aviators. There are so many great aviation books that it’s impossible to choose a favorite. However, here are five works that stand the test of time and meet our criteria for excellence: four memoirs and one biography. If you’ve already read them, you’ll likely agree they are worth reading again. If this is your first time to read them, we know you’ll enjoy these historic accounts of the thrills and challenges that only […]

The 5 Most Unusual Pilot Jobs

The 5 Most Unusual Pilot Jobs

When you think about a career as a pilot, you probably picture a more traditional role, such as a commercial airline pilot or a certified flight instructor. The most exotic pilot job that people think of tends to be someone flying banners along the beach advertising the all-you-can-eat special at the local seafood joint. While all of these are certainly good jobs, especially with the current shortage of commercial airline pilots, you may end up pursuing a different career path in aviation than you first envisioned. The following is not an exhaustive list of options for a career in flying, but they are our favorites in the “most unusual” category. […]

Epic Flight Academy Aviation Scholarship & Billfish Bash Event!!!

  Epic Flight Academy is excited to announce their first annual offshore fishing tournament and Volusia County high school student aviation scholarship competition.  Schedule of Events Friday, October 21: Tournament Day 1 – Sailfish catch & release Saturday, October 22: Tournament Day 2 – Sailfish & species weight division Sunday, October 23  11am-4pm: Fishing Tournament Awards & Aviation Scholarship Presentation Event Event includes plane rides, lunch, live music, Waste Pro garbage truck pull competition, American Aero vintage aircraft display, and appearance of nationally ranked aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff!!!    


2016 IFTE İSTANBUL Daha fazla bilgi edinmek ve tanışmak için bizi C6’da ( Sağda 3. koridor’da) ziyaret edin.  Mayis 06-07-08 IFTE 2015 Video/Trailer Epic Uçuş Akademisi, Dünya’nın en çok tutulan ve en yaygın uçuş eğitim ağına sahip Cessna Servis Merkezlerinden birisidir. Okulumuz statejik olarak Amerika’da, günesli Florida eyaletinde, New Smyrna Beach’tedir. Öğrenclilerimiz yıl boyunca uçuşa en elverişli hava koşullarında ve hava sahalarında eğitim görmektedirler. Epic, 1999 yılı itibarı ile 71  ülkeden pilot adaylarına Uluslararası Pilotluk Eğitimi ve Havacılık odaklı Ingilizce Kursları sunmaktadir. Öğrencilerimiz, FAA Ticari Pilotluk Eğitimimiz ve Dual EASA/FAA Ticari Pilotluk Eğitimlerimiz ile  gerçek anlamda Dünya çapında geçerliliği olan lisanslara sahip olabilmektedirler. Öğrencilerimizin ihtiyaçlarina, ülkelerinin Sivil Havacılık Kanunlarına uygun şekilde […]

Flight Academy’s Jack Bolt Field

 Why is there a sign that says “Jack Bolt Field” at the entrance to Epic Flight Academy? Who is Jack Bolt? I have wondered this every time I have driven into the parking lot of the flight academy. Have you? If you have wondered who they are talking about on that sign, you’ve probably also assumed he is or was some great pilot who deserves an honorable mention at the airport. I did some research to satisfy your curiosity. Jack Bolt was a great pilot indeed. In fact he was a War Ace. You can read about Jack Bolt the fighter pilot more if you like. In 1943, he joined Marine Fighting Squadron […]