Limited Seating Flight Training Seminar

"Get Your Domestic CPL
with a Pilot Job Offer"

Want to know how you can get a discount on an accelerated commercial pilot course AND graduate with a pilot job

Want a Free Flight From Your Area to Pilot School?

  • Free seminars
  • Free flight to FL*
  • Illinois, Michigan, and Maryland
  • Very limited seating
  • Accelerated CPL course
  • Includes CFI course
  • Guaranteed job offer
    (if eligible to work in USA)
  • Partnership with ExpressJet
  • RSVP immediately
Free flight training seminar

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Flight Training Seminar:
“Get Your Domestic CPL
with a Pilot Job Offer”
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Limited Registration

Epic is only conducting these seminars in three cities: Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Baltimore with very limited seating available at each venue. If you ever wanted to learn to fly, and are eligible to work in the USA, this is a golden opportunity. When you graduate from Epic Flight Academy you will be offered a job as a Flight Instructor so you can immediately begin to accumulate flight experience while being paid.

*Free Flight to Flight School

*Any attendees of these seminars who enroll in this “Zero to Hero” pilot course at Epic Flight Academy will get a ticket to fly to Florida to begin flight training.

Accelerated CPL Course

Epic Flight Academy is so excited to offer a complete training to job offer course for a limited time!

Even if you have zero flight experience, Epic can train you to the commercial pilot level along with completion of your flight instructor courses (CFI).

You can start right away to accumulate flight experience while being paid as a CFI.

Guaranteed Pilot Jobs?

Upon successful completion of this course, domestic graduates will be offered pilot jobs by Epic Flight Academy as a FAA Certified Flight Instructor and earning $30,000 a year starting out! You can train full time and then use your job earnings to fund your college education, or we can customize a training timeline that works with your current school schedule.

ExpressJet Preference?

YES! Epic Flight Instructors have preferential hiring opportunity due to our partnership with the esteemed regional airline ExpressJet operating with American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.

In less than 2 years from completing your training at Epic, you could be interviewing for your professional airline pilot position!

How to Beat Your Student Pilot Peers to the Pilot Jobs? (and get way higher earnings, faster!)

Your decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot through Epic Flight Academy will put you way ahead of your classmates because they will still be looking for a job after college or starting at an entry level job or internship paying less than $20,000. Just think, they’ll be paying off more school loans than you will yourself because YOU chose to work towards your career by becoming a flight instructor and using your own money to fund your college education.

Your Proud Parents

Your parents will be so proud! They’ll be especially proud and excited when you begin working as an airline pilot and they can enjoy the perks of free flights to anywhere in the world!

Flexible Payment Plans, Loans

Flight Training Seminar attendees can get flexible payment options or loans for their pilot courses.

Enroll Today!

Attend our informative seminar and learn how previous students graduated with pilot jobs. Use the form above to enroll before it’s too late.
Pilot Jobs for Epic CPL Grads