Aviation English Course Online with FREE Evaluation


If you are an international student with the ambition to become a pilot your first step should be to have your level of Aviation English assessed.  This will help you to know if you need some extra practice before you begin training or a full Aviation English course to help you improve.  Luckily our partners, Pilot Aviation English, offers this ICAO Aviation English evaluation for free!

SPECIAL OFFER: Aviation English Challenge! Here are the details:

  • Duration: 30 – 90 days self paced
  • Successfully complete the course and pass the final exam with 80% (2 attempts) and Pilot Aviation English will refund you $100!
  • ICAO Aviation English Study Hours: 90 total
  • 65 Aviation English Lessons and Exercises
  • 10 Audio Readback Practices – share with your flight instructors for feedback and to show off your progress!
  • Completion Certificate for presentation to your flight school and to add to your Linkedin profile.
  • Access: 24/7/365 Online
  • Cost: $185 – 90 Day Unlimited Access

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Pilot Aviation English has worked with not only international student pilots but also flight instructors to help develop an amazing ICAO 4 outlined course that students can access from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Their English as a Second Language teachers have combined the phraseology and concepts of aviation with high level ESL lessons to provide quick and lasting results. This low cost online course guarantees to save student’s time, money, and frustration by preparing them and allowing them to practice their pilot aviation English while going through the student visa interview process. This course can be completed in 30- 90 days and is well worth the investment.  Especially if you are hard working and complete the course within 90 days plus pass the final exam with an 80% or more and Pilot Aviation English refunds you $100!  That means you’re getting an entire Aviation English course for only $85!

Online Flight Training Courses for Pilots

The aviation industry had to choose a common language so that no matter where a pilot is from or where they are traveling to there is a standard for communication. At Epic Flight Academy we cannot emphasize enough the importance of having or obtaining an appropriate level of aviation English prior to the start of your flight training course. Too often we have students that arrive anticipating that their level of aviation English is good enough to begin at their pilot school. It is already difficult to understand the complex subjects they will be learning during their flying lessons. Being out of practice or not having a sufficient level of understanding English will not only delay their training but cause the students repeat several flight activities, thus increasing flight training costs. Of course, this can be easily avoided with some preparation and making the wise decision to invest in a little bit of aviation English training.

Partnership for Aviation English Training

This is why we have partnered with true professionals, Pilot Aviation English, with years of experience helping pilots obtain the necessary ICAO level 4 requirement of airlines worldwide. Current students and graduates of our pilot courses can tell you the time and the money they could’ve saved if they had better prepared their learn aviation english fastaviation English skills from the start. This is easier said than done though! Our expertise in training international pilots from all corners of the world has taught us that many countries simply do not have trustworthy resources to teach this advanced type of English. We also know that most aviation English, or even basic English, programs taught outside of the United States focus on British English. This makes it even more confusing when a student arrives in America for flight training and has to learn a totally different type of spoken English! Make sure the English provider you choose is the best fit for the environment you’ll be learning in.

Aviation English Course Details

This online aviation English course is for all levels of English proficiency and aviation knowledge.  The ability to study an online aviation English course allows students to begin improving and practicing no matter where they are located in the world. This course is an affordable solution for students that want to practice their English and expand their aviation knowledge before arriving to begin flight training in the United States. Each student receives specific training for your current level of English. Our Instructors will educate you on how to quickly improve with amazing study tips, training sessions specific to Aviation English, and design course material to review during your sessions that meet your individual needs. Additionally each student has access to our Aviation English database of over 200 vocabulary flashcards and games to fully prepare you for the terminology you will be expected to know in your training. For those struggling with pronunciation we have specific training to assist you in overcoming your accent. This online aviation English course incorporates aviation terminology, pilot phraseology, English grammar lessons, aviation specific vocabulary, ATC readback, flight situational awareness and much more. Included in this self- study course are graded audio lessons with an English teacher to evaluate pronunciation, comprehension, and allow the student to practice listening and processing different accents. The course duration is completely up to you, we have students that have completed in as little as 30 days if they study and work hard each day! Each student successfully completing their aviation English training will receive an endorsed Certificate of Completion for their achievement according to the requirements stated in ICAO Doc 9835-AN/453. To enroll and access this course you only need a computer/tablet/cell phone with an internet connection and a microphone. It is a universal online training solution supported on multiple platforms – Windows, MAC, Linux as well as on Android phones and tablets.