Thousands of Pilot Jobs to Fill in the Middle East

Thousands of Pilot Jobs to Fill in the Middle East

Some of the leading airlines in the Middle East recently ordered over 500 aircraft. Boeing reported that there will be a need for almost 500,000 pilots globally over the next 20 years, and airlines in that region estimate that 40,000 of those pilot jobs will need to be filled in the Middle East. There is a Pilot and National Cadet Pilot Programme at Emirates Airlines, and the program manager Abdullah Al Hammadi said forecasts of pilot job vacancies from two years ago are continuing to increase. He says the shortage will only grow over the next few years. Air Arabia added, “The Middle East region is leading the world in […]

New Airline Jobs in Kenya?

Kenya Airways has had a rough two years and seeks to add nine fuel efficient Boeing Dreamliners to its fleet for both domestic and international scheduled air services, raising hopes of the national carrier adding airline jobs too. Boeing delayed delivery of the Dreamliner model earlier this year due to technical setbacks, so it is uncertain if delivery of the Dreamliners to Kenya Airways will begin by March. The 787-8 model that Kenya Airways bought will replace their B767 models and use 20 per cent less fuel and has the capacity to carry between 210 and 250 passengers on routes ranging from 14,200km to 15,200km. Since fuel costs account for […]

How do these companies get military veterans into aviation jobs?

How do these companies get military veterans into aviation jobs?

Focusing now on aviation jobs, North Carolina’s Governor McCrory is taking the initiative to reward industries that build or grow things to lure them to the state and increase production jobs in his jurisdiction. He visited TIMCO, a large provider of aviation jobs in the forefront of the industry, in September to talk with company officials about a plan to incorporate more military members into aviation jobs. (TIMCO just announced their agreement to be purchased by Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd.) Similar to McCrory’s previously passed legislation to help the trucking industry to speed up the process of getting truck certification at community colleges, he will get military members […]

Become a Pilot Quick and Inexpensive – How To Checklist

Become a Pilot Quick and Inexpensive – How To Checklist

How You Can Become a Pilot With Less Time and Money Ever dream of becoming a pilot?  Have you looked up towards the sky and desired to slip the bonds of Earth and soar through wispy clouds?  Do you want a new challenge in life?  You can become a pilot and it all can start right now.  It just takes getting an FAA 3rd class medical, a student pilot’s license and finding somewhere that offers ground and flight training.  Becoming a pilot is within your reach.  Once you have soared above the clouds, you probably won’t ever want to come down to Earth again.  Whether you are interested in a […]

Pilot Jobs Return to United Airlines

On September 5th, 2013 in Chicago, United Airlines announced that furloughed pilot jobs would be reinstated. Having promised each furloughed pilot, jobs would be returned to them when/as afforded by the airline’s revenue. Honoring their promise, United will recall nearly 600 pilots, and none will remain on furlough after this period of rehiring. Beginning in October, the recalled pilots will undergo training classes that will continue through the end of the year. United Airlines and affiliates operate an average of 5,341 flights a day to more than 360 airports across six continents with more than 12,000 pilots. Recent news reflects the trend toward this being a fantastic couple of years […]

Boeing Pilot Predicts Jobs

To kick off 2013 Labor Day weekend, Boeing said that big airlines are interested in single-aisle aircraft, and Boeing has boosted production of those aircraft to fill the need. To fly all of the new aircraft, Boeing says airlines will have to fill about 25,000 pilot jobs each year over the next two decades. Boeing’s projection of 498,000 new pilot jobs is greater than their own previous forecasts, and to help facilitate the training of enough pilots, Boeing opened its new Miami 787 simulator training center. Reasons for New Pilot Jobs Adding to the pilot jobs created by the addition of so many new airplanes, thousands of pilots are retiring […]

Pilot Jobs Not Scarce Here

Original News Story for Launch of our Zero to Hero course back in 2013… Ten Lucky Student Pilot Trainees in Florida Flight School Get Instant Pilot Jobs Epic Flight Academy, an award winning pilot school in New Smyrna Beach, Florida has an exceptional and rare offer to domestic student pilots: Graduate with a job. Only ten domestic student pilots will be empowered to both graduate from Epic Flight Academy’s “Zero to Hero Course” and join their pilot career center with pilot jobs right away. Not only will the student pilots achieve the aviation courses and the job, but they’ll be extended a discounted tuition price. Hurry to reserve your seat […]

Regional Commercial Airline Pilot Shortage

Regional airlines are experiencing a commercial airline pilot shortage. The newly effective Airline Safety and FAA Extension Act makes it illegal to be a commercial airline pilot with less than 1500 hours of flight experience. As a result, regional airlines are finding it difficult to hire and retain pilots. A commercial airline pilot used to be able to fly with only 250 hours of flight time under their captain’s cap. It’s not only making it increasingly difficult to find qualified pilots, but airlines have had to release pilots who hadn’t yet built up that much flying experience. The FAA requirements and layoffs caused an instant commercial airline pilot shortage across […]

Too Young to Become a Pilot?

About 30 students from a middle school in Beijing who wish to become a pilot have been getting pilot training over the summer. A 16-year-old high school student has flown a plane to an altitude of 305 meters, making him one of the youngest Chinese to fly an aircraft. Backed by the China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to address a shortage of pilots, youths get 60 hours of theory and are required to complete up to 40 hours of flight training. It’s not easy to become a pilot at any age, and this course is very demanding. Many do not succeed. Only about 10% of enrolled students make it […]

Pilot Jobs at Flexjet in Texas

High quality employer and service provider, Flexjet, is hiring to fill pilot jobs in Texas. The world’s second largest fractional jet ownership services provider is recruiting to fill pilot jobs to satisfy increasing demand. Vice President Jason Weiss anticipates “hiring in the double digits in 2013 and beyond.” Flexjet crews are trained to a higher standard than required by the FAA’s FAR Part 135 regulations with first officers having been type rated in their assigned aircraft and having completed the same as captain training. New hires get a comprehensive one-month training. Interested pilots should have at least 2,500 hours of total flight time, 500 hours of multi-engine flight time, and […]