Different Types of Pilot Careers

Different Types of Pilot Careers

Pilot Careers Have You Been Thinking About Starting A Rewarding Career as A Professional Pilot? As the saying goes, “ If you do what you love doing, then you will never work a day in your life”. How would you feel if your office or work place was located in the cockpit of a airplane, turbo prop, small jet, airline jumbo jet, or any other type of aircraft while being thousands of feet up in the air? The ultimate feeling of flying and freedom, could there be anything better? So if you have ever wanted to learn to fly or become a pilot, now may be the perfect time to […]

Panama Pilot Career Seminar

Panama Flight School Pilot Career Seminar International Flight School Set to Host Pilot Training Career Seminar in Panama Are you thinking about starting an exciting career as a pilot? If so, it may be of interest to you to know that one of the worlds most popular international flight schools has been setting up and hosting free flight school and pilot career seminars to bring attention to the exciting career of a professional commercial airline pilot. Epic Flight Academy, a worldwide flight school that specializes in training new pilots from all over the world, has selected and booked the elegant Continental Hotel and Casino in Panama City, Panama to host […]

Women Pilots, Women Commercial Pilots, and Women Airline Pilots

Women Pilots Today-  Women Flight School, Women Pilot Training, and Women Pilots–  More Women Seeking Pilot Careers… As the stereotype goes, men are usually the ones that fly the planes and women are usually the ones attending to the passengers on the plane. These days things are operating much differently when it comes to which gender flies an airplane or a jet. Sure there have been many influential women pilots throughout history, but the question remains- how often do you see a women behind the ‘stick” of a major commercial airline jumbo jet? Almost never has been the traditional answer over the years, but not these days. Women all across the […]

Colombia Pilot Career Seminar

International Flight School Set to Host Pilot Training Career Seminar in Colombia Have you ever dreamed about becoming a professional and registered certified commercial airline pilot? Our flight school can get you there! How to Become a Pilot: If so, you should know that becoming a commercial pilot is one of the most exhilarating jobs anyone could ever have, period. There is no other feeling in the world than taking off at over 100 MPH at the helm of a gigantic jumbo jet. Speeding down the runway, lifting off, pulling up, and flying into the clouds is now how you earn a paycheck. Why? Because you took the time to […]

Types of Pilot Licenses

The Different Types of Pilot Licenses So you want to become a pilot, but did you know that there are different FAA pilot license classifications and regulations when it comes down to being able to fly different types of aircraft or to be able to fly for commercial airlines as a paid professional certified pilot? Pilot License A pilot license or pilot certificate, in simple terms, basically allows a person to be able to fly an aircraft just the same as you have a driver’s license to drive a vehicle. The FAA is the governing institution that creates and enforces all aviation rules and regulations for pilots and other aviation […]

Flight Academy’s Jack Bolt Field

 Why is there a sign that says “Jack Bolt Field” at the entrance to Epic Flight Academy? Who is Jack Bolt? I have wondered this every time I have driven into the parking lot of the flight academy. Have you? If you have wondered who they are talking about on that sign, you’ve probably also assumed he is or was some great pilot who deserves an honorable mention at the airport. I did some research to satisfy your curiosity. Jack Bolt was a great pilot indeed. In fact he was a War Ace. You can read about Jack Bolt the fighter pilot more if you like. In 1943, he joined Marine Fighting Squadron […]

How to Choose the Best Pilot School

How to Choose the Best Flight School Have you been thinking about becoming a professional commercial airline pilot? Just as students go to college, student pilots have to go to pilot school so they can learn to fly a plane. Some of the different types of pilot license training programs are as follows- private pilot license, multi-engine pilot license, instrument ratings, commercial pilot license programs, airline transport pilot license, frozen airline transport license, certified flight instructor license. Deciding which pilot school to attend is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for someone interested in starting a pilot career. Choosing the best pilot training academy is very similar to choosing […]

Our Flight Instructors Pull For You!

Imagine having a team of flight instructors pulling for you in your new pilot career endeavor. Watch this video of our CFI team at the Balloon Festival that was held here at the New Smyrna Beach Airport on March 28-30, 2014. Epic Determination Epic flight instructors are a determined lot. If you think they’re trying hard in this video, wait until you have them as your CFI when you come to learn to fly here at Epic Flight Academy. Post by Special Olympics Florida – Volusia County. It was right in our flight school’s back yard. If you weren’t at the Balloon and Sky Fest, go see what you missed. […]

Flight Instructor

Epic Flight Academy is now hiring a qualified flight instructor, or we should say, flight instructors. Are you a flight instructor? Please submit all inquiries and resumes to: John Evans Assistant Chief Flight Instructor JohnEvans@EpicFlightAcademy.com 386-409-5583 Ext 324 Do you want to be a flight instructor? Become a CFI and we’ll offer pilot jobs

Pilot Jobs Shortage of Pilots Begins

Is the shortage of pilots that was forecasted and anticipated for the future here already? Where are the pilots? Wall Street Journal’s News Hub video series reported on 2/3/2014 that airlines have already had to cut regional flights due to lack of pilots. Over the weekend United Airlines announced that it cut 60% of departures from Cleveland because the their affiliate that flies out of Cleveland couldn’t fill pilot jobs and it is a less busy hub anyway. Great Lakes Airlines, flying out of the mid-west, is cutting service in six small cities there that have no other carriers due to inability to fill pilot jobs. Why is there a […]