Airlines Jobs are Everywhere

What is stopping you from a career in aviation?  Are you worried about airlines jobs prospectsEpic Grad airlines jobs abroad or even salary?  Well, have you heard that there is a worldwide pilot shortage?  Job in airlines is a fantastic opportunity to help broaden your cultural and professional horizons.  In this article, we will discuss airline careers and airline hiring.  There are plenty of opportunities in this era.  You just have to be ready to accept the challenge. Are you ready?

There is no better time to start an airline career than now because there is an ongoing shortage of pilots.  According to a study done by the RAND corporation, three major factors are driving a shortage of pilots.  These three factors are the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has changed the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 65, the FAA has also increased the requirements for a pilot to obtain their Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating and the global demand for air travel has seen and will continue to see a sharp increase.  These three factors are causing a surplus of airlines jobs.  If you think about the law of supply and demand, you would note that the higher the demand and lower the supply results in something to become more valuable.  This is exactly what is currently happening in the aviation industry thus creating a multitude of jobs in airlines.  The industry has more demand for pilots than supply, so they are offering higher wages, better bonuses, fantastic benefits and enhanced lifestyles for pilots and their families.

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Even in the United States, we are seeing unprecedented hiring for airline jobs.  Now, there are some truths about your first year as at an airline job in the United States. A US carrier does put their new pilots on a probation period for the first year.  This results in a lower level of income for your first year.  This is what any and everybody experiences starting a new career straight out of school and training regardless the industry.  On a brighter side, several flight schools have parentered with domestic and international airlines offering the opportunity to gain seniority dring your pilot training.  That little bit of senority puts you above a typical hire and the benifit of choosing a better schedule for the first few years.  After those initial years though, you can choose your own schedule, you’re going to have gained a lot of experience, had the opportunity to show your employer what an asset you are, enjoy some free family travel perks and the pay is excellent.  For example, according to Airline Pilot Central, a First Officer for Delta Airlines with 5 years of experience flying a Boeing 737, would expect to make about $103,000 a year plus per diem, up to 15% 401K matching and profit sharing as benefits.  Delta is expected to hire about 1,100 pilots in 2017 and this is only expected to increase as a substantial number of pilot will hit their mandatory retirement age in 2018.  Now, this is just the US carriers.  There is a plethora of opportunity if you think a little outside the box and consider jobs in airlines throughout the world.

International Airlines Hiring Low Time Pilots with High Pay

Internationally, there are numerous opportunities for airline jobs.  Another positive aspect of considering an international job in airlines is being able to xiamen_airlines hiring boeing_737-800_b-5488hkg04-08-2011_615ed_6207757946experience new cultures and the challenge of leaving your comfort zone.  International airlines hiring has far exceeded even US carriers.  They are offering larger incentives to pilots.  According to Bloomberg, there are pilots at several different Chinese airlines making $200K+ salaries.  Another example of these lucrative salaries were pilots at Xiamen Airlines and they were making $332K a year.  Also, according to the same Bloomberg article, airlines hiring in Asia has an insatiable appetite.  They say that they can’t hire pilots fast enough to meet their demand.  This provides incredible opportunities for a job in airlines in Asia, the Middle East and even in Europe.

In Europe, smaller carriers like Austrian Airlines are looking specifically for pilots with their commercial rating and the airline will help the applicant obtain their ATP.  According to, Austrian Airlines is looking to hire 100 male and female pilots by austrian airlines jobsthe end of 2017.  This article also says that Austrian Airlines is willing to send those hired to 21 months’ worth of training in Arizona and Germany to obtain their Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).  Once they complete the training, they will begin their airline job with Austrian Airlines.  European airlines are not only using pay to incentivise their airlines hiring, but they are also using training that would otherwise cost the individual a great deal.  This is a trend I would expect to spread throughout the world including US carriers as the demand for pilots continues to increase.  Some other airlines to consider in Europe are Thomson Airways, Ryan Air, AirBaltic and Norwegian. The prospects of airline hiring haven’t ever been better!

Middle East Airlines Jobs with Living and Education Expenses

The Middle East also has a huge demand for air travel and there are a multitude of airlines jobs for your choosing!  One example would be considering avilable Etihad careers.  Etihad Airlines is based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emiratesetihad careers_airways_airbus_a380-861_at_finkenwerder (UAE).  Etihad careers can provide a wealth of opportunity.  Just searching their current job listing, I found a job listing for a non-rated Boeing 777 First Officer.  The incentives they are offering are $95,000 a year for salary, $44,000 a year for housing, $10K a year for school for your children for up to 4 children, 42 years of paid vacation, insurance and travel benefits with Etihad.  This is a starting position at Etihad and there are offering more than $150,000 in pay and benefits plus training on a Boeing 777.  The flight hours in a Boeing 777 or any of their other aircraft are invaluable.  This could either be an airline job for you for a few years to build experience or a long term pilot career.  Some other airlines in the Middle East to consider are Emirates, Fly Dubai, Oman Air and Royal Jordanian.

Why You are Missing the Best Jobs in Airlines

If you are considering a job in the airlines, this is the time to start your flight traing right away.  There is an unlimited number of opportunities and prospects for new and experienced pilots.  Airlines ARE hiring and we’ve provided you with only a few examples.  If you are willing to have an open mind and can live abroad for a period of time, you really can have your pick of airlines jobs.  The pilot shortage for commercial and ATP rated pilots is real, and you can take full advantage of being in demand.  An airline job overseas doesn’t have to be a career.  It could be something you try for a few years to see if you are up to the challenge. The current prospects of airlines jobs is incredible and now is the time to take advantage.  If you are worried about pay, benefits or difficulty of obtaining an airline job, stop worrying and start working towards your airline career today.

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