Accelerated High Quality Flight Training

We understand that the more time that you spend here in Florida the more money you are spending. Both student’s and sponsor’s typically seek out accelerated flight schools that can complete a student quickly but efficiently. That is why we optimize our courses for efficiency and time. For the student that is under a time constraint to finish for a position at a particular airline, has family and responsibilities to return home to care for, or simply has the dedication and learning style to complete in a fast-paced learning environment. Our accelerated flight training courses are all part 141 approved outlines, meaning that the FAA has approved students completing courses part 141 the ability to take their checkride with fewer logged hours. Therefore, naturally the courses are shorter and accelerate you through your training while requiring the student to still meet the FAA’s standards. Our standard FAA Professional Pilot program (Private Pilot Course, Instrument Rating Course, Commercial Multi Engine Pilot Course) can be completed in as little as 6-8 months. Less than a year’s time and you are a qualified Commercial Multi Engine pilot. Our programs requiring more theory or student’s whose Civil Aviation Authority requires a certain amount of total logged hours, such as our FAA+ EASA with ATPL Theory program, can typically be completed in 12-14 months. At Epic our focus will always be on safety and quality of training but there’s no reason why we can’t also complete students in the most efficient amount of time.

What are the Benefits of Accelerated Flight Training?

There is a misconception in education that the longer you take to learn something the better you will be at putting it into action and retain that information/skill. This is simply not true and we can attest to it with the completion rates of many of our graduates. To become an accelerated flight training center and be successful it all begins with the development of course curriculum. Well-designed accelerated flight schoolscourses paired with quality instructors lead to an effective accelerated flight training program with total immersion and the experience to recognize a student’s learning style.   The use of simulators to accelerate practical application and one-on-one ground instruction providing personal attention is a key strength in these programs. These courses are fast-paced and a lot of information is presented in a short period of time to allow the student to make associations with what they’ve learned and better understand how it all applies….the big picture.  It’s like a puzzle, if you were given single pieces to thoroughly study over an extended period of time it is harder to determine the full picture of the puzzle. If given a manageable amount of pieces at a time you can began to try and assemble them together and more quickly make sense of what the overall picture is.

What Type of Student Should Attend Accelerated Pilot Training Courses?

An accelerated flight training program is not for everyone.   Many students choose Epic Flight Academy for our flexible customize courses to work around other personal obligations. The types of students that should attend an funny accelerated flight training multi engineaccelerated flight school are those that have incredible self-study habits, excellent listening skills, receptive to instruction and feedback, committed to challenging themselves to constantly improve, and 100% focused on flight training. Of course, everyone wants to believe that they are naturally this type of student. We advise you to truly evaluate your priorities and arrive at Epic with the mindset of pure dedication to training. It will take challenging yourself and holding yourself accountable to succeed but everyone is capable of successfully completing an accelerated flight school Florida program. You can do it and we are ready for you to get started!