Women Pilots, Women Commercial Pilots, and Women Airline Pilots

Women Pilots Today-  Women Flight School, Women Pilot Training, and Women Pilots–  More Women Seeking Pilot Careers… As the stereotype goes, men are usually the ones that fly the planes and women are usually the ones attending to the passengers on the plane. These days things are operating much differently when it comes to which gender flies an airplane or a jet. Sure there have been many influential women pilots throughout history, but the question remains- how often do you see a women behind the ‘stick” of a major commercial airline jumbo jet? Almost never has been the traditional answer over the years, but not these days. Women all across the […]

Types of Pilot Licenses

The Different Types of Pilot Licenses So you want to become a pilot, but did you know that there are different FAA pilot license classifications and regulations when it comes down to being able to fly different types of aircraft or to be able to fly for commercial airlines as a paid professional certified pilot? Pilot License A pilot license or pilot certificate, in simple terms, basically allows a person to be able to fly an aircraft just the same as you have a driver’s license to drive a vehicle. The FAA is the governing institution that creates and enforces all aviation rules and regulations for pilots and other aviation […]